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On Going Problems with my 2.5 TDI Sport (05 plate)

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I purchased mine in 05 when it had 8,000 on the clock now done 50,000. I have had numerous problems. New Sat Nav, fuel pump, water pump, oil pump, auto gearbox, wiper arms, all replaced under warranty. It has been recovered at least 3 times and today the central locking has packed up.

The thing also eats tyres. I have just bought the third set. No cheap

The problem is it is a really nice car to drive.

The next service (a big one) is soon and it will also need coolant and aircon fluid change. Cost approx ?1000.

I really have to get rid soon
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And welcome to the forum - I think you should have found us earlier :wink:

Water Pump, Gearbox, wiper arms and tyre eating are all known issues - I'd recommend some searching on the forum about these issues.

In case of the Sat Nav and Fuel Pump, I've not heard much about these items failing at all

Good to hear you still enjoy the car though - it is a great car and clearly you can see this even after your catalogue of problems

Who is your dealer?

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Kaine, you're such a warm, amicable fella... brightens up my day compared to all the usual peeps i have to deal with.

Mr West... (not Adam is it..? With his new Batmobile?)

Seems you have been unlucky, am hoping you've had most of the issues above fixed under warranty..... If' you're only on yor thisrd set of tyres I'd say you're car is pretty straight, that's what? 21k miles out of each set..? (Ish) If you were to whack on some Hankooks, or Coopers I think at least you should see more mileage from a set of rubbers... Hankooks are great value too.

A grand's worth of service seems excessive, even in my experience, you really need to shop around with other dealers.

Hope you stay to keep us updated. Oh, and welcome to the site..
I love you too Hip !!!!

Don't mistake my curt, biting, witty remarks aimed at you as negative !!! No, No, No !!! :twisted: :twisted:

Its merely the medium of the typed message which means you can't see the grin on my face !!!

...and anyway, Scum 1, Pompy 3 last weekend made my month !!!
Trust me Meld... I may seem s sensitive soul... but it'll take more that your brash tones to offend me...

besides, there's a queue of people in front of you..... But I'm used to the old women on here by now...
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