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I have just taken delivery of Treg and am pleased to report that car is marvellous. The quality of the build is far better than previous Merc ML and it is a pleasure to drive.

Have had the usual hicups with the dealer (car was 4 weeks late and then wasn't ready when I arrived to collect etc) and I now have a couple of teething problems.

1. Have the same handbrake fault as has already been mentioned. As suggested, if you pull and hold for a second the light does clear. Alternatively just a couple of pulls clears it.

2. I have a problem with the warning sounds coming from the dash. In normal circumstances I think that I should be beeped at for not wearing a belt and for not taking the hand brake off. I should also be ticked off for using the indicators. However, I only get the noises about half of the time. I can't figure out any reason for why they do and then don't work. Madness. Has anybody else had this problem? I thought perhaps it was a loose connection somewhere but the fact that it keeps coming on and off leaves me a bit confused??? :bashwall:

Any advice gratefully received.


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could just be a software issue, check with the stealer and they should upgrade it or reboot the ECU
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