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Noise from steering column??

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Getting a strange noise from steering column when unwinding lock from right hand turn and a very slight "grating" feeling through the steering wheel. Only happens when turning right, not left, any ideas guys as the car is going in for service next week....tregtech you there???
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I'm getting the same thing, but both turning left and right, but more noticable turing right and going around roundabouts.

It seems as if there is air in the system. I would say the noise and feeling isn't so much a grating, but a kind of rubber sqeaky resistence kind of thing (a bit like making love in a rubber suit)(I would imagine :oops: ).

the sound and feeling happens more when unwinding the lock quickly back to the sraight ahead position.

any Ideas Tregtech?
I had this imtermittently in my first Treg, Sold that before I could ever find out what it was caused by.
The only case I came across before was a power steering leak at the pump, leaking at the bunjo bolt ( V6 TDI ). This will cause a low power steering fluid level and air gets into a system. Yes it made a noise and juddered when turning to one side only. You may see an oil leak on your driveway if its leaking.
Check your power steeing fluid and top up if needed, with the right stuff please.
If its not the fluit level it could be the steering rack it self or the pump.
You only dealing with 5 main component here. Steering wheel, column, rack, pump and fluid.

Good luck
I would sat the noise i used to get was located with in the the car, quite possibly it originates elswhere on the sterring set up but it definatley sounded as though it was in the upper part of the steering column.
I had the same for on my V6 and brought it up when I recently left it in for its first service. They said they couldnt find anything in particular but as a precaution they changed the power steering fluid under warranty. It seems to have cured the problem for now, but for some reason I dont have much faith in the lack of explanation or remedy so wont be surprised if it returns!

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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