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2013 Touareg Executive 3.6L
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New to forum.

I have a 2013 Touareg Executive 3.6L - have had it 1 year. Love everything about it and I keep finding little hidden gems and secrets about the car, which has been very enlightening.

One quesiton I do have is. I live in Canada - specifically British Columbia... our weather is know for being wet. today I noticed that my windows were fogging up quite quickly. I turned on my defrost to full fall and it didn't start... what was wierd was that it would kick on every 2 mins for litterally 10 seconds... it did this repeatedly for the duration of our trip in the car, which lasted about 40 mins. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? Do I have some sort of setting set that. I don't know. I know to click on max defrost button - which then turns fan on high and engages the a/c, but that wasn't even working... I was thinking maybe my cabin filter might need replacing???

thanks guys for any suggestions


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Would also recommend that you get a diagnostic scan carried out by a VW specialist as this would show up any possible fault codes in the HVAC system.
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Hi Sarah O and welcome to

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