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Had my 2020 Treg for a week now. Wow what a great buy, toss up was between a RR and a Treg, so pleased I choose the Treg.
Anyways there is so much to learn on the car I was hoping some of you more experienced members may have some short cuts to learn about the new cockpit.
thanks all

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Hi Jayteg and welcome to

Despite having been out a good while now, the T5 (Generation 3) Touareg is still somewhat rare amongst forum members so do share your thoughts and ownership experience with us. There are not many threads on the forum about repairs/DIY etc on this model, so do share these issues and don't forget to add some images.

If you are new to Touareg ownership, have a read of this topic as it will familiarise you with common options from the previous T3 and T4 models.

Please remember to provide some details about your vehicle (year and model are a good start) in your signature as it helps the members answer your questions with model specific issues. Your location (in your profile) is useful so that members don't recommend services you can't get to.

Some tips to make your visit here more enjoyable:

To search use google with; [ <search words>] for your questions as they may have been asked before, please beware that the site search needs 4 or more letter words, (no limit with the Google search).

Please post your question once in the appropriate discussion forum appropriate to your model and use the topic title & description to briefly summarise the problem. This will assist others and provide for a quicker response - it will also be searchable so ensure that the title of the thread reflects the issue. Be patient and a knowledgeable member or guest will address your question.

New members and guests can use the 'View New Content' link next to the 'Search' link top right of the info bar, as a great way to see all of the posts you have missed since you were last on the forum.

Please read the Announcements in the New Members Section which includes instructions on how to add photographs/images to posts and your My Gallery area.

Kind Regards
The Admin Team.
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