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Hi to you all.
We picked up our 'Treg' (that's certainly easier to say than trying the correct pronunciation of Touareg), on 11th June 2009.
It is a 3.0 l V6 TDI Altitude in Diamond Black. Extras include:- Memory setting seats, Electric Tailgate, Parking sensors,Detachable Towbar, and 20" Ayers Rock Alloys (already caught one on the kerb; my fault very annoyed).
Why a Treg? Well, Angela and I are now retired and realised that we were supporting six vehicles on the road.
Why six? For our comfort driving we had a 1998 VW Passat SE 20V Turbo Auto. We regularly travel up to a place in North Wales which requires driving up a steep grassy track so we had a 1997 Discovery 300TDI SE Auto. I bought Angela an MGBGT back in 1973 which is in prime condition and used during summer months; must keep that. When I retired I kept one of our VW Transporter vans which often comes in handy; only 87,000 miles on the clock. And finally I bought a Leyland 0813 Roadrunner 7.5 tonne truck with an 070 Hiab to transport large granite rocks from Wales and place in position for a waterfall project in our garden.
So we gave our daughter our Passat, still going strong. Our son the Discovery, and bought the Treg. We now have the best of both worlds. My truck is the next to go as the project is virtually finished. I am keeping the VW van which I don't mind using as our second car.
As very proud owners of a Treg this forum page is of great interest.
Regards to all
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Want to move big, heavy rocks ... Hmmmn, buy a truck with a Hiab!
Now that is genius, my friends.

Hope you enjoy the comfort miles in the 'Twarreg'!
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