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New Touareg - Long Delays, Model Years etc

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Evening All,

I ordered a Touareg Black Edition in October and the lead time very quickly went from 24 weeks, to 40 weeks to 40+ weeks.

I chased the supplying dealer last week, who confirmed my factory slot is in build week 41 (10th-16th October) so I'm not expecting the new car much before December (this will be about 14 months from Order > Delivery!)

Quite the difference to the 2 months from order > delivery at the back end of 2019 for the current Touareg I have.

My Question - does anyone know when the model year changes for the Touareg? I'm worried that with such a lengthy delay we'll move into the next model year and that standard specifications may change. The worry is that that things that are standard on the spec that we have on order drop off (as has been seen throughout the industry with things like 360 cameras etc in light of the semiconductor shortage.)

Thanks all,

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The model year normally changes during the August factory shutdown - my 2016 model year Touareg was built in Early September 2015.

With delays being caused by world-wide chip shortage the big risk of specification change is decontenting which several manufacturers are resorting to.
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Publication date of next model year specification will depend on when they stop accepting production orders for the earlier model year, which is very dependent on demand.
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Had an email from my dealer yesterday saying that my car is actually built and sat in Emden waiting for a passing boat. I might actually get it within a year of ordering it!
VW Group car carriers sail regularly to Grimsby so it shouldn't be too long now.
Why not just step up and get a Range Rover and be done. Spoken by a Connecticut Yankee LOL
They're not available any quicker - JLR website quotes 6-9 months lead time for UK deliveries - and a big chunk of money extra.
This will be my sixth new Touareg and yet VW customer service and the dealer don't seem to give a toss about any form of customer loyalty. Surely they won't be able to sell it on the forecourt as a new car with the new facelift released? Presume they will run it for a few miles and sell nearly new?
Wow! VW customer service is poor for those of us who have bought 1 premium-priced VW - to have bought 6 and still be treated like this is appalling.

If it was me, I'd cancel the order and not give a toss about how the dealer sells it.
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