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I have had the easy access driver?s seat system turned off for quite some time now due to crunching noises when the seat moved forward (not important until the next service was due)
Had to move the seat forward on Sunday to access an item that had rolled under.
When I moved it back something was sticking up through the seat?. Most uncomfortable. I thought I was sitting on linfords lunch box!
The object moved around as I moved the seat and then it locked the seat in an impossible driving position.
Feeling a little guilty, I had to call VW Assist out. Paul Thomas took less than an hour to arrive and after a great deal of pushing and pulling, removed the offending item, the ECU cover.
Paul was a star as I really thought the car was going to be taking and ride on the back of a lorry.
The ECU cover is bent and useless, but it can be replaced at my convenience along with the other scratched items that only the service guys will ever see !!
Even on a Bank Holiday weekend Paul spent time after the repair talking me through a couple of technical features that I was unsure of instead of getting off home. Well done VW Assist & of course Paul Thomas.
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I've yet to hear a negative experience about VW Assist

Always prompt, always courteous and appear very knowledgable

Now if only the VW garages I've used for Service were like that.......... :bashwall:

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Always found them to be more than helpfull

If your watching Guy's

Keep up the good work and don't let those dealers bring you down

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