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my TVR Taffy

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Will post a pic of touareg when I get one :wink:

Jane x
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Jane, nice wheels - I take it you are on the TVR Scotland group as I think I have seen your posts there?

You will see from my signature that I also have a TVR - a Taimar that I have owned since 1981!

Alisdair yes indeed I am in the TVR Scotland group too

Only been to two or three of the gatherings/meets as they are on a Saturday and not too convenient as I am my sons taxi

Just come back in from a lovely top off drive
gorgeous day here.

Jane x
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Hi Jane,

Nice TVR, Like the colour!

Welcome to the forum


Thanks Tom I feel at home here already 8)

Jane x
I ued to own a TVR too.....not as good as my sons car though :wink:

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Yeah !!

Much prefer the RED car

And I don't mean the Ka

Nice piccie.

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Touareg and TVR??

I hope you have taken the baffles out of the exhaust???

Another of my ex...

Was a great car....just didnt handle well enough for me....
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Jane said:
Crisbin what a lovely pair

Jane x
:oops: :oops:
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Beautiful example!! I had a TVR Tuscan for a few years. It was a 4.0 Speed six with just 13,000 miles on it, scared the life out of me everytime I drove it, nothing compares to that sound! Not quite as smooth as my V10 Treg...13092007221.jpg[/attachment:gxyu9unv] have a look ! :wink:
linn - very nice motor

Friend of mine has a race spec Griffith a few years back and he used to say it scared the hell out of him most days - on a few occasions he would sit and recover on his driveway after returning home and he'd swear he wasn't driving like a hooligan- he said sometimes it took all his concentration just to keep the thing going in a straight line

Thanks Kaine!

Your friend is right about the concentration needed to drive the car, even at cruising speeds 50 to 60mph you would need a very firm grip on the wheel, the steering was set up to be very quick, I think that this was tamed a little in the Tuscan 2. I have been an advanced driver for some time now and I'd say these cars are so unpredictable, one day I gave it a boot full along a road that I know very well , then the car would spin almost when I had done the same route but driving a lot slower!!

There is no ABS or traction control and at 1,100 kgs with near 400bhp, the rear end was very lively! almost the same sort of speeds that a big bike would have. I did have the rear step out at about 115mph on the A5 in Wales, that was very scarey and I only just caught it. There would be 'close ones' nearly everytime I drove that car. I was exhausted after a driving day around north Wales. Shame to have to sell the car but also a relief in a way. I still have a place in my heart for the marque but want to live to enjoy other things as well. :wink:
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Another TVR to Touareg owner!
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Yes I agree, they have a strange status, it's like a poor mans exotic car, although they cost a lot to run, the fit and finish can be awful, although some of the Rover V8/ Ford V6 cars can be very reliable, I had the hand made Speed 6 engine car, the engine was designed by a guy called Al Melling ( If I rememeber right) he is known as an engine guru and a legend in his own right. Trouble is that once TVR had his design, they went ahead and started to build the engine whilst ignoring all the advice and knowledge that he was consulted about!! Hence a nightmare of an engine with rebuilds at 5k miles and blowups and all sorts of other problems. TVR also had problems getting a consistent supplier for engine components such as the well known and very fragile finger followers, these would wear prematurely and cause eye watering damage, these were fitted to early Tuscans such as 2000/2001 models, mine was a 52' plate and should have been sorted, but mine started to suffer from the common 'knocking' noise at just 20k miles, I was quoted between ?6k and ?9K for a rebuild, and in todays day and age of engine reliabilty and high milers, this is simply ridiculous. I had followed the strict warm up procedures and treated the car like a baby. Members of the club said that I have been 'lucky' in my ownership not to have had higher bills, I paid ?24K for the car, 15 months later I got just ?16K when I traded it for my 2008 R32, I don't think luck was included in my p/x !!

Maybe if I was a fan of spanner weilding, then I'd have kept the Tuscan, but I got fed up of having to run 2 cars as the TVR hardly moved, and when she did, it went wrong...

Peter Wheeler of TVR once said in a documentary, " We spend as much on tooling and development of our finished car as BMW spend on a door panel for a 7 series... thats says it all really!
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