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i was wondering..who has the record on how many bits have got changed under warranty -? Fi ?

Treg went in for 2nd year Air Con Service (?85 same quote as independent i normally use - fact compressor is under a year old is besides the point) and 2nd year Brake fluid chage ( replaced under warranty in September with lots of other bits) but in order to keep the book stamped up i supposedly needed to have them done (losing the will to argue with VW these days), not that bothered as it wasnt expensive and they needed bleeding from cooking them recently.....(i don't have the nice brakes on the V6 and upwards..)

now needs a new glow plug and something else on the aux heater ? after i complained about the odd whiff of diesel i got in the cabin some mornings...oh and the occasional plumes of smoke from underneath which make you check its not on fire...

otherwise clean bill of health
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