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Misting up

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Hi everyone...

I bought my first Touareg on Thursday (55reg V6)... Today I had a chance to try it out with a drive from the midlands up to the lake district for the day. Well, it is powerful, refined, comfortable, poised... very nice - even managed 27.5 mpg.

I have a problem with the climate control and wondered if anyone has any suggestions.

First of all, the drivers side will not blow cold air - I have the aircon on - the temp is set to LO (both sides)- the passenger side is blowing cold but the drivers side is blowing warm.

Secondly (and possibly connected to the first problem) The windscreen fogs up if I switch on Econ (switch off the aircon) I have experienced this before with other cars when the air is being recirculated (but I do not have recirultion on). I can't understand why I can't drive without the aircon and still see out of the windows. Something is wrong... any ideas / suggestions. The car fogs up in minutes but clears in seconds if I switch the aircon back on..

Thanks, Jim
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hi there, Im no expert but i would say that the control unit for the drivers side is kerput giving the other side works.

On the note of turning aircon off, the scrren will tend to mist up as your are not taking the moisure out of the air, my other non VW cars are the same.

Hi Jim,

Could be a number of issues, but basically there's a fault with the AC unit - faulty servo on the driver side Airmix door (inside the AC unit) or blocked vents or something similar. Not knowing the Touareg AC unit detail, I could only guess the faulty servo would be the first port of call. Get the dealer to take a look.



p.s. if they tell you the AC unit needs recharging then be wary - if the passenger side is cold then its not a charging issue and you shouldn't have to pay for a recharge of the system
Thanks. I am not an expert either but as far as I know you don't have to take the moisture out of the air to keep the screen clear - what happens to cars without aircon? They seem to manage ok...
recirc will always remove moisture from the system even without AC - it just take longer

I think it will have to go back to the dealer...thanks. Any though on misting up?
Hi Jim, welcome to the forum. Kaine may well be the best source of info on this topic, so watch this space! (Edit...he's posted while I typed this!)

For myself I do sometimes find a period of slight misting if I switch from air-con on to econ mode. It does depend on the prevailing conditions and if I am able to, I let it continue and the screen does clear after a few minutes. It's almost as if some excess moisture is dispersed from the system initially. My solution to speed up the clearing of the screen is to manually select the air direction to screen (not the rapid demist as this switches the aircon back on again). I certainly haven't experienced an imbalance in temperatures between the two sides when both temperature dials have the same settings.

Back to the dealer, I think. Good luck and keep us updated.
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JAB said:

I think it will have to go back to the dealer...thanks. Any though on misting up?
could be related - I've never seen the Touaeg unit in the flesh, and never took mine apart to take a look however the Mode servo/actuator have also be faulty - this servo would define where the air goes (i.e. to the screen) and may also be faulty and hence causin the prob. It may however also be just related to the fact the Drivers side Airmix is faulty.

another thought - it could also be software related
I have had my vehicle back from the dealer. Apparently there is a motor in the 'gate' which moves to adjust the flow of air when the temperature setting is chaged. This motor had packed in. The dash has been taken out and the motor replaced and everything is fine again. All on guarantee so I am happy.

Best of all, I was given an 07 Touareg whilst mine was in the garage for 2 days. Coincidentally I was shooting yesterday so took the loan car off road. I was pleasantly surprised that it was able to follow the land rovers and land cruisers all day even with the road biased tyres....

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