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Misfiring Touareg 3.2L V6

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My friend, who lives about 150 miles from me, called me and ask for help about his 2004 Touareg with engine code BAA. He said when he started the engine of of the touareg, the idle is smooth but once he presses the accelerator pedal, the touareg start to stutter or misfire. Could it be the ignition coil. The MIL is not lighted . He don't have a vag com to scan for fault codes, but before i go to his place, with my vag com, i need to know what could be the possible problem and what tools and parts should i bring. And can someone post an ignition electrical diagram for the 3.2 touareg. Cheers!
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Hi & Welcome,

Not my field of expertise, or something I have seen discussed on here, but I hope someone can help.
We had a similar problem with our 3.2. The dealer has just fitted a new injector which seems to have cured it. Hope this helps.
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