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Maidenhead Windrush

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After posting a few weeks ago on the forum regarding buying a 2.5 TDI Sport, I have done it! Great car but just to give you all some info regarding dealers.

Got the car two weeks ago and after two days driving wiper motor went in serious rain! Bad luck. Was adviced to go through VW assist, they couldn't repair it so of to VW Maidenhead.
They kept the car for 3 1/2 days (!), checking, waiting for parts, more checking! Got a rental car from Europe, but not a VW ended up with a Vauxhall Safira!!!! At least we could move around.

Maidenhead Windrush where very good and helpful.

As per previous post my car allready had a new transfer box put in in May06. This morning felt in full lock, slow turn, the famous shudder....

Straight to M'head Windruish did a test drive with Paul (exellent chap) nothing! But Paul suggested to test the software... As transferbox is 6 month old he assumed should all be up to date. Just incase he wanted to check!

10 min later Paul comes back and has the news that the software has not updated, even when VW put in a new transferbox and put on 4 new tyres!!

Now again Windrush M'head have been great. Just need to inform you all where the car was serviced/bought :


Nothing more to say that Paul was not impressed and he said I would have to have an other transferbox if I kept driving it for much longer!

Well off to Holland tomorrow so I will keep you all posted!


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Top Marks to Paul at VW Maidenhead - at least it sounds like your in good hands
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