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Elsewhere on this forum are posts concerning my experiences with a V10 with "noises" and uneven tyre wear, and importantly the failure of Inchcape, VW Shrewsbury in diagnosing these problems.

My experiences with the V10 and Inchcape, necessitated my contacting the VW Luxury Support Team. Initially informative and supportive, always placing the emphasis on consolidating the issues with the local dealer. Yes, that is sensible and is the way forward.

When the Luxury Support Team realise that I am not confident with the local dealer due to number of returns to that dealer and no progress with fault finding, they suggest another dealer who has long term experience with the Touareg, Dane VW , Chester. Good advice.

One visit to DANE VW, Chester and the transfer box issue is identified. This proves the complete failure of Inchcape VW, Shrewsbury in connection with this matter and my Touareg.

I contact Luxury Support by fax with a big thankyou to Dane VW, Chester and outlining the chronology and outcomes. In this fax I REQUEST SOME FINANCIAL RECOMPENSE. That's now the crux of the issue, and to-date seems to have frightened VW away. VW Luxury SUpport Team DISAPPEAR !
No acknowledgement or reply to the fax. I refax a week later. No acknowledgement or reply.
I then telephone on Monday of this week and cannot get in touch with the agent I have dealt with for the past five weeks. I speak with another agent, they have sent my fax to the Inchcape VW, Shrewsbury and await their comments. WHY ? Inchcape VW Shrewsbury have been in contact with Lux Centre and Tech Support throughout June, nothing to discuss, they failed to diagnose the problem and are not capable of supporting me as a customer with my Touareg. Dane VW, Chester found the fault instantly and rectified it immediately.

WARRANTY - all visits will have been logged as warranty on this vehicle, this dealer must have claimed labour rate for works on my V10, surely these claims identify exact proceedures which they have carried out in order to fulfil VW payment criteria for warranty work ? Therefore, why the mystery and the continued time delay.

Now Wednesday and three days letter still no reply from Agent in Luxury Support Team.

Two weeks have now elapsed since my initial fax. Five weeks since I initially contacted Luxury SUpport Team, Four months have elapsed since the problems started.

Is the word "support" erroneous ?

Come on VW Luxury Support Team, one dealer messed me around for months, cost me several tryres and lots of wasted journeys and stress, your other dealer found the fault straight away and we now have a happy Touareg.

By the way anyone reading, my "local" dealer is a 100 mile round trip and the Chester dealer 160 mile round trip, whereas there is a very good non luxury VW dealer within 50 miles round trip, I woiuld think they would love to be a lux dealer, but oh what a surprise, that garage is a small one family owner style garage, not the faceless Inchcape institution that some many of our garages are becoming !

If anyone in VW reads these pages please let Lux Support Team know that I look forward to speaking with them.

Will keep you posted.

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A good, informative and apparently balanced, factual summary with some astute'd think VW "Lux" would want to go out of their way to keep you "onside". Surely they must recognise reputations take an age to earn and very littlle time to decimate?

Good luck, but no glory so far to VW at MK.


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I think all the points you have made are well founded. The dealers that VW appoint are determined by the amount of money they invest in the facilities
they provide mainly the plush reception and the really clean technician areas where they repair and service the vehicles. Unfortunately this does not carry through into the support and quality management.

The areas of shortfall are to us the users, in the diagnosis and repair. It is very noticeable that the dealers are dominated by the big distributors and are therefore sales driven as that is where the big money is earned. In mitigation many of the other manufacturers are worse and are German as well, but they do not have a help group like Luxury cars to even complain to and try and sort problems out. It is unfortunate the current VW GB management are not up to speed on much of this particularly in the training of technicians in problem solving or even how to approach it.

The management in the dealers is in general is of a appalling low standard which for VW to be able control is major task. The attitude is to send people on courses, which is to connect up to the very expensive computing diagnosis tools and it will be OK, this does not work unless it is used with knowledge, tools do not solve problems, they assist.

After many years in engineering and computing I am forced to admit that general service is very poor and the technical level of knowledge is poor. Trying to get leaders in industry to address this is a "bridge to far" it all comes down to cost unless there is pressure from the customers, that's where we come in. Complaints with facts and backup from dealers is where it needs to be and if people continue to buy from dealers that can't do that then there is a problem. Lesson choose your dealer very very carefully.In most cases we are buying the next costly thing to our house so do your homework. How much experience have the technicians how long have they worked on ...... Enough of the diatribe

Onwards and upwards happy Tregging

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it would be handy to get hold of all the email address' of all the lux car managers and send them a link to this site and hopefully they will read and take note.

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QUOTE(ross911rmk @ Jul 6 2005, 11:01 AM)it would be handy to get hold of all the email address' of all the lux car managers and send them a link to this site and hopefully they will read and take note.

i was informed whilst having all of my problems

just send it in then we will deal with it

i sent emails to Paul Willis

never any more joy and now the case is closed

i wish i could offer a more positive input


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Update - yo ucan read elsewhere my news regards Inchcape VW, SHrewsbury and the positive reaffirming action of their general manager Jon Mills, not just the offer but the acknowledge of internal issues with regard to Touareg problems.

Seems that the dealer this time has stolen the mantle, will keep you posted as to the future.

VW Lux team, however, good to start with and then seemed to loose interest as it went along.

Perhaps it was totally a dealer issue. If so the Lux team should keep you informed as to what's going on and enlighten you to such.
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