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First of all Hello everyone Im new to the Touareg, First impressions very impressive.
I have a 2004 V10 when driving home a low oil pressure light popped up on the dash, it went off straight away, but i pulled over and switched the engine off. It didnt come back on but I have booked it in to VW for them to take a look. It has come on again a couple of times but only stop's on for a couple of seconds.
VW say they need to do a oil pressure sensor check?
Anybody got any ideas? Try not to frighten me to much

Other than this, Hell do these motor's pull hard

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welcome to the forum - there are a few issues relating to oil pressure - the sensor is one of them whereas the oil cooler has also been known to fail (mine included) leading to low oil pressure indications - this can be more severe as water can get into the system if left too long
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