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Looking for my first Treg

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Hi all,
Been watching the forum for a while now and jealous of all of the Touareg owners. Am in the process of looking for the 'right' one at the minute and hopefully should have one in the next couple of weeks. I have seen a silver one with a body kit in the North east UK and it has 22" wheels and a body kit. It has to have been lowered too. Does anyone know of this vehicle and if so, what is the arch kit normally fitted and are the wheel fitments the same for all models? Who sells wheels for these anyway? Personally I want the bigger engine option ie V6/V8 if possible but can anyone give advice/experiences why I should pick a certain model?

My first post here so please be gentle.
Many thanks,
I've attached a pic of the one I saw. Pic taken with phone so hence poor quality.
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Welcome to the forum. Those wheels in the pictures are Kahn's.

How old is the motor why is it up for sale what Treg is it 2.5 diesel V6 Petrol V10 etc etc.

Somebody must have loved
the car to put that body kit on it
for them to sell it??????

For me I like the original look and if you want a used Treg I am sure there is plenty out there.

I sure the guys will be along soon to add whatever they advise.
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Hi and welcome, The wheels over 19 inches make for a harsh ride so if thats what you want OK, its a bit like riding on a wash board the larger wheel size you go. Unless of course you are motorway driving, mind you some stretches motorway are not that good anyway.It will also depend on the suspension steel or air, the air suspension can be lowered by switching to sport mode, The hubs (wheel nut spacing) are different on a couple of models so you will have to see which model you select and get the wheels to match the hub.
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I actually think that body kit looks quite good however I take on board what Scottie has to say about the wider wheels and ride quality.

Do you know when it was built and anything with regards to its background.

Body kits like that quite often = "Boy Racer" if you know what I mean and a car that has been thrashed.
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Maybe I wasn't clear in my first post. The vehicle I saw wasn't actually for sale but I wondered about the bodykit and wheels. My feeling is that it's nice looking but it's probably true about 'boy racer-ish'. I thought the whole point was for good ground clearance but I do like the look of the kit.
Had a look at a V8 4.2 but didn't have parking sensors so my wife wouldn't drive it.(she's only small and is slightly intimidated parking big cars)
The Car in the picture belongs to Lee who owns Langley Insurance in Langley Moor, Crook and Bishop Auckland, give him a ring and he will tell you who "Tarted" his Treg Up!!!!
QUOTE(Bod @ Jul 3 2005, 07:37 AM)The Car in the picture belongs to Lee who owns Langley Insurance in Langley Moor, Crook and Bishop Auckland, give him a ring and he will tell you who "Tarted" his Treg Up!!!!


what engine is in it, any ideas ??

QUOTE(Buster @ Jul 3 2005, 02:28 PM)Bod,

what engine is in it, any ideas ??


Pretty Sure its the V10 judging by how he overtook me recently, has no badge on though
whatg a waste of money in IMHO no dealer will want to trade that motor back they will no be able to ofer a warranty
even if it is a joke of a warranty he will need to put back to original which will cost.

No private buyer would buy that one look at it and you think how badly driven it will have been.

this is however OIMHO.

the guy should have bought a RAV>
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