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Said before by several others, but this really is a class act on the workshop side.

Used them about 8-10 times now for servicing / warrenty / accessories fitting and every time I am thoroughly impressed - especially as I didn't even buy the car from them.

Nothing is ever too much trouble, things are fixed 1st time, car is always cleaned better than I do it, they have never quibbled over any warrenty item and even added a few, and to cap it all they fixed a puncture (for free) that I didn't even know I had (screw in tyre).

If I ever get permission from wifey to buy a V6 TDI, Listers have spent 2.5 years making sure they get the business !!

Workshop Manager (Tim?) always says hello whenever I am in, even if its been 6 months since I last saw him. I must have one of those faces I guess.

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Good to hear. I bought mine from them in 2005 and was very pleased with the whole experience. Bit too far for me to go for servicing, but nice to see consistency over an extended period of time.

Good recommendation for potential buyers or others needing support from a competent dealer.

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