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Lindvale Romford

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I dealt with Nick Chatten at Lindvale Romford, he in himself was a nice bloke, gave me a deal I was happy with and was efficient - i'd recommend speaking to him. As for Lux dealerships, it's my view that from the 2 I have visitied - VW Abridge ( I would not recommend at all) and Lindvale, VW need to step up a gear
to compete with Mercedes/BMW/Porsche/Range Rover and to be aware that selling a Lux car is different from selling a Polo.

One of my main gripes is that VW
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We bought our V10 treg from Lindvale Romford having previously had a BMW - after sales service at Lindvale in comparison with BMW has been dire and the two showrooms/service centres are opposite one anorther. Very happy with the car but you certainly arent made to feel as if you've bought a "luxury" car from volkswagen (switchboard always busy, no returned calls, have to push to get courtesy car/pick-up etc)
I bought my used Treg 2.5tdi se sport from lindvale after selling my BMW, the salesman was Wesley, his service was brilliant, i cant comment on the after sales service yet, but concur the switchboard is always busy and when aswered isnt the politest i have dealt with. On site they are polite and offer drinks etc and dont leave you standing around waiting to be dealt with. I masnaged to see my car just as it came in so i saw what it was like before the valet etc and test drove it before anything had been done to it. After the valet the car look brand new, they serviced it, changed the tyres water pump and gave it s good going over and gave a yeard full parts labour warranty. As they originally supplied the car also. So far they are comperable to sytner bmw in romford, but time will tell. i will keep adding my experiances with this dealer over the next few years, at this stage i can recomend buying from them, be prepared to negotiate hard.
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Lindvale Romford.
i registered with them for the Tiguan launch.
They didn't bother to reply.
I was in there one day asking the receptionist a question,the phone rang,she answered it and left me talking to myself.
0/10 for customer service in the showroom.
I did find their spares dept efficient though.
Just and update, i found some problems with scratches in the rear door shuts and a scratched wooden trim front near side, i went back to Inchscape and after some negotiating they agreed to repaint the the door shuts and replace the wooden facia plate on the dash (passenger side), I have to say they have been very good so far and very willing to help, I always get offered a coffee which they kindly bring to me. I have since realised that the passenger electric seat is missing the cover on the button and that the DVD unit fitted on the roof has a DVD stuck in it from the previouse owner, (Peter Kays amerillo comic relief from last year !!!). I am sure they will sort it out.

I was somewhat naive and trusted the dealer to check everything, before giving me the car .... Now i know,

All said i would still recomend the dealer, good customer service thus far, and willing to help.

Wesley Elliot sold the car to me and has taken ownership of any issues to get a speedy resolution.

FurionTouareg 2.5 SE Sport R5 TDI 2005
Reflex Silver, Privacy Glass, Rear DVD, SatNav, Nappa Leather, Parking sensors,

Gone BMW 325i Sport
Gone Audi A4 Avant
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The list of things the dealer has had to fix that were not checked before delivery.

1.Roof Mount DVD - disc jammed in by previouse owner, inchscape told me to take it to mobile alert in brentwood who said the unit needs to be replaced, Inchscape agreed to take on the cost of the replacement and labour, i am paying a little extra for an upgrade to 9.5inch from 7inch screen.

2. Scratches - the scratches around the body were done but they hadnt done the door shuts which were very badley scratched, after an hour of dialogue they agreed to repsray the rear door shuts .. look like new now.

3, Interior - wooden above glove box scratched, they replaced it for a new one.

4. Interior - Electric seat pasanger side cover missing from button, you cant get a new cover the whole thing has to be replaced involves taking the seat out, they agreed to do it.

5. Interior - rear center console 12v socket cover jammed, they agreed to replaced it.

So far all of the above has been done at no cost to me, apart from differance in price for the the upgrade to the dvd they paid ?250+vat i am going to pay ?200 on top

All of these things should have been checked before delivery which the bad thing, however they have agreed to put it all right which is the good thing.
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The only experience I have had with VW Romford was a couple of years ago when we got a works Passat recovered there, they lost it, claiming it hadn't been recovered there, only to find it 5 days later parked on their rooftop carpark.
socks said:
The only experience I have had with VW Romford was a couple of years ago when we got a works Passat recovered there, they lost it, claiming it hadn't been recovered there, only to find it 5 days later parked on their rooftop carpark.
Well things aren't going well, i still havent got my mot from them, obviosley they have lost it, and almost a month gone and they havent given the installer the order number to replace the faulty dvd unit.

As much as i was happy with the service provided by the sales guy, all the good is rapidly being washed away
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Get the car MOT'd ASAP and send them the bill.

As I understand it, you do not know for certain that the car has an MOT certificate: you are relying on their say-so.

If it does not and you are asked to produce it you can't and when you do it will have a date after the day on which you were asked to do so because you will have to MOT the car to get one. Law broken = fine and points.

If the car has one but it is lost and you know the garage where it was done, you can get a copy for ?10:

Go to the bottom of the page for duplicates but I've also set it out below:

"I have lost my MOT certificate, can I get a duplicate copy?

Yes - The simplest way is to go back to the garage where the vehicle was tested, tell them the approximate date of the test and they should be able to give you a duplicate certificate. The fee is ?10.00.

If you do not have the details of the garage (i.e. You have just bought the car) The Vehicle Inspectorate (0845 600 5977) may be able to help."

Either way, DON'T DELAY!!
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The first thing i did was check the mot website and put the details in for my car and yes it was mot,d.

I got the mot from them yesterday, it is a duplicate, they are also replacing the one tyre they didnt change when they did the others, i also got the order number for the dvd and theu are also going to sort out the scratches .
I askesd them to give it a good go over as its embarrasing for me to keep going back and phoneing .. it gets into .... oh god ots him again sort of relationship.

So its all good at the moment, when i get the car back i will let you know how it went and if they did everything.
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