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Just had the V10 in to the dealer today to fix the airbag warning light which some of you so kindly you informed me of it being a problem .

Anyway , noticed a leak coming out of the centre console the other week when it was pi##ing down here in Ireland so asked them to check it out .

Seemingly its a seal / gasket problem which VW dealers have put a recall on ! 1st I had heard and never got a letter from VW to the house back in Scotland . I cant see any other comments about this problem ? The VW garage in Dublin have requested it for 2 days next week to remove the whole roof lining and do whatever!

Back into the garage again..... great vehicle but too many problems so one can sense a Q7 arriving next year .... Keep your eyes peeled for a fully fully loaded 2004 V10 going on the market and just hope I've had all the problems for the new owner..........

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Not for general discussion really is it!

Thats why we have a problems/bugs section.

Come on Mods, wakey wakey.
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