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Hi there, new to this Touareg game.

Just replaced my wifes Range Rover with a 3l V6 TDI Touareg (due to me writing the RR off!)
Seems to be okay, not as smooth as the RR , but has lots more power and drives a little more like a car. Got it running around 280bhp after a re map.

Anyway, the car is almost three years old now and is going in on tuesday for some warranty work. The boot wont release from the switch in the car and the parking sensors have a mind of their own.
The other point is the alloys. It has a set of 20" ten spoke alloys. Not seen them on many Touaregs. They have a great polished finish but they are corroded very badly on all four. They have suffered the odd kerbing by the looks of things, but the areas where the black corrosion is taking place have never been touched. There is even corrosion round the caps in the middle.
Has any one had joy getting the wheels replaced if they have had this problem?

And last of all. The interior is light beige leather. The rear "ash trays" I think you would call them, on the doors have small areas of the rubber coating starting to peel off. Has anyone had this? I was going to ask if I could have them replaced too. Sounds picky, but hey!!

Is there any thing else I should be looking for and asking them to check or replace due to known faults?
I asked them to check for any software up dates that should have been done too.

It has just been serviced about four thousand miles ago, so I would hope that any thing needed was done then, however, this is is the motor trade we are talking about isn't it!!

I have only had the car a month or so and covered less than one thousand miles, so any pointers would be appreciated.



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Not to sure how you will fair with the wheels but the rest of the problems should be taken up in the warranty.

Did you but it from a dealer ??, if so is there any recourse there


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Hi There Hi Soob,

Welcome to the forum.

Regarding the alloys. No point asking if they are in any way kerbed or damaged they will just say no as it would be " Betterment " in their eyes.

The rubber coating is a known fault on most VW cars and will be replaced under warranty.

Check the section on the forum for problems and fixes and concentrate on engine /gearbox problems as they can be very expensive out of warranty.

Happy Tregging.


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As Tadpole says - gearbox and engine problems can be expensive

It may be worth asking about the valve casing/valve chest as a VW bulletin has apparently been released on this due to a manufacturing issue pre 55 plate

Even if the car doesn't show symptoms of this issue (ie. clunking into gear between 40 and 50 mph from 4th to 5th gear on a slight incline) it may be asking of your car qualifies for this to be replaced under warrenty - otherwise it will be ?1400 including labour and VAT if you need to get this repaired later

Also, have you tried turning on full lock at tickover? If the car judders while full lock is on, there may be the good old stepper motor issue which can also be done under warrenty

Also worth asking if your vehicle has had the 90D7 recall work done (this varies from car to car but is basically a clean up job of software updates etc)

Hope this helps

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andynpz said:
He's from Yorkshire - telemetrically superior to thee!

Cheers, Andy

Aye - tha's got it reet Andy


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Thanks for the info lads.

I will just need to see what I get done tomorrow.

The wheels, well....would be good to get them changed out for nice shiney new ones, but I fear they would just go the same way in a few years anyway. No big loss if I get rejected. Had a quote from a local guy that can do them on location. Smooted right back and spray painted and laqured to finish. ?160 for four.

Regarding the gearbox problems. I have a nice smooth change apart from first to second, but its more of a gearing issue in my eyes. First seems very low. Anyone else think so?

She has no problems when on full lock to lock.

The problem that I am noticing is a rattle/small clunk in the rear, like a shock absorber.
And also, some times the steering vibrates a little. I changed the tyres to Hankooks on the front.
Some days she is smooth as you like and others its like a loose wheel. I had thought it could be tyre temps being low and causing it as I had this ona jeep a few years back, but the problem went away after the tyres heated up alittle, plus they were chunky tyres.
I will ask thme about this, not sure what they will say.

So apart from the parking sensors , the rubber peeling from the interior ashtrays, wheels corroded and possibly a steering vibration, I think that is all.
Will ask them about any re calls on transferboxes/gearboxes too.And will make sure they update any software that should be.

If I have missed anything, let me know.



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James Woods.... Blimey, we are attracting the high rollers.... First Cheech Marin, now James Woods...!! Or are you reading up for a role in a new film where you play a disgruntled Volkswagen owner and go on a rampage...?!?

Wish I cold have found a dealer that agreed that the rubber peeling was a warranty item, just told it's wear and tear by three dealers... Will try again tho before extended warranty expires... Shoulda got the dealer I bought it from to fix before I picked up.... Ah well... lessons learned...

Although it does sound if your wheels are corroding and not at curbed spots they should be repaired at the very least...

Welcome aboard JW..!
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