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My Treg only came with 1 key and the garage i picked it up from received it that way.

No problem, for a relatively small fee i took it to an AutoKey specialist who was going to pair a brand new 2nd key. Standard stuff.

1.5 hours later and no dice. He explains to me that all 8 of the keys have been used on the cars computer and that he cannot overwrite them. 2 actively in use, the other 6 are locked. Concerning but from the checks done it's not a stolen vehicle so likely someone had them locked out or it went through careless previous owners.

My only hope is a now a VW dealer. The Auto Key chap thinks they 'should' be able to remove the old keys on the ECU. Explaining this to VW has been harder than expected, however.

Currently waiting on a callback.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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