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Took the car in for its second service today after too many times being pigged off with the VW garage in Leeds over the past couple of months (including the day they forgot to do any work on my car

Agreed, it took a phonecall from SWMBO to VW UK to organise a Touareg as a courtesy car as I was going to get a Polo, but they DID come up with the goods as promised (a 3.0 V6 none the less!!

Courteous service from a VERY nice woman called Laura on the Service Desk (This has not coloured my opinion of the service I received but yes, she is a babe! :worthy: ) and everything was well explained including a breakdown of the bill, which is a rarity for a VW garage

The all in price was ?390 inc. VAT (including ?131 for synthetic oil!!!!) which I suppose is OK, given that overall the car is working out cheaper to own than both my previous Beetles

Also used them to change brakes at 36k miles - took the car in on a Saturday morning and the work was done in around an hour for ?195 inc VAT

Can't grumble with that
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