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Its Normal To Leak Into An Electrical Component..

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This image shows the direction of the rainwater collected in the lens cover. The water then pours out into the body of the car accross all the electrics in the light assembly.
View attachment 560

Here you can see the water buildup in the cover plus condensation that now adds to the water content in the component.
View attachment 561

Here you can see the water running out from the back of the light cover after passiing over the wires and connectors.
View attachment 562

On this picture you can see where the water travels inside the rear panel of the boot lid. When the lid is lifted the water also flows into the rest of the boot lid where other electrical parts are seated.
View attachment 563

The most annoying thing here is that I had already told the dealer that there was water and condensation building up in the light cluster in the rear of the car and the front headlight. I did think that it was a little bizzare at the time but caried on as normal, until this week. I opened the boot of the car the moring after a heavy night of rain and the water poured into the bootspace and accross the linning in the car and into the cd player housing.

The problem is that I now have to *** all the way back to the stealership sometime in december for an "inspection" this comes 10 days after i had been there to have the satnav unit replaced. Apparently there is a slot tomorrrow sometim but again this is for an inspection. I cant help thinking that im going to end up with an electrical fire each time i drive it.....XC90 springs to mind....

Anyone else with a simalar problem? with both dealership and vehicle?
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I often wondered where the water collected ??

Being lazier than most, I just use the glass hatch when its been raining...........

Let us know if there is a fix though.
Look at the previous posting on water down your neck in this section. This may explain the leak problem in the boot.
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