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Harry's got an Ineos. Looking forward to his full review

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Unfortunately, despite continued reassurances from senior Ineos staff that it would have a 1 tonne payload to meet the van BIK tax level of £3K per annum, the car doesn't meet that 1,000 kg target so quite a few orders have now been cancelled otherwise the BIK tax is £18,000 p.a.!
Eek.. slight fuckup!
I'd be surprised if harry doesn't cover that in his full review. He's just got rid of a new defender 90 he had on long term lease. When I saw this I thought he may have the Grenadier on a long term next but he's already been uncomplimentary about the rear/boot doors . I get the impression he doesn't like it much
Saw one of these in my village the other day, looked very good. Was pulling away when I saw it. If it were parked up I would have a quick look thru the window. Ineos have opened a dealership near me, so I might waste their sales guys time sometime soon....

Saw this and thought it may be of interest...

I think Grenadiers are subject to van speed limits and I suspect that some owners may not know this!
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