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How Old Are Treg Drivers

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How old are you?
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How old are VW Touareg owner/drivers?

In my case 72. Although male, I have a pair of Bristols.
A 1948 model 400 and a 1960 model 406 Bristol, in which I have just returned from a rally in Spain and Portugal.
My Treg is a 2007 facelift 3.0 TDI V6 Altitude with air suspension and I have just home fitted the new RNS 510 touch-screen nav system, to replace the factory fitted MFD 2 unit, which is a considerable improvement.
John Sangster
Well ... I turn 40 this week.

I am sure I will suffer a mid life crisis and replace the Treg for a TVR or something equally inappropriate ....

Only kidding ... SWMBO would never let me get away with that sort of stunt ...

I also own a 1970 Triumph GT6 .... much simpler to work on ..

I've done the midlife crisis bit,for me it started in 1975when I started my own business and could indulge myself.
Iso,Panther,BMW,several Jags,several Mercs variou other things ending with a Boxster.
After retirement sanity set in ,I sold the Shogun that I'd had since 89 that kept company with the other cars I'd had and settled for the Treg.
I was after comfort,high driving position,quality interior etc and Treg fitted the bill.
50 last birthday. Bought the Treg as an early retirement treat with a view to doing the grey-nomad thing and driving and camping around Oz.

Bob Z
36 when I bought it. I'm 37 now. My justification was that it's safer to tow a caravan with. Probably over-kill, but when all is said and done, I just liked the T-Reg.
Tregger-Happy said:
but when all is said and done, I just liked the T-Reg.
Me too!

50 when bought, now just short of 52. Condensed 2 cars into 1 (convertible & estate) and treated myself on early retirement (Hah! As if
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I was 35 when I bought my Treg, we needed a car to tow our Sterling Explorer caravan and my Bowler in and out of muddy parks.

Oh and its not an X5 (common as muck around here)!!!!

I have run several Discoveries and Range Rovers over past 20 years, so I fancied a change. I do a lot of towing (Boats and a large flat trailer) so need good towing capacity.
Also I treated myself to a Bentley Continental GT two years ago so I wanted something cheaper than a Range Rover to run as my second vehicle !

Having now got used to the new Treg, I actually like it much more than the RR ! and most of the controls etc are the same as the Bentley, except they are made out of plastic rather than milled Alloy and Leather !

surprised you guys can use a computer....

lol only kidding.
jsmills said:
surprised you guys can use a computer....
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how glad am I that I don't have the Treg anymore as a Lady never lies about her age.

Ok I am 44 and have had three Tregs and several other cars in the past.
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Scottie said:
..have had three Tregs and several other cars in the past.
Hah! Talk about understatement
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When i took delivery of my treg 3 years ago i was 24 still got it just..............
51 knocking on 52.

Just bought my first Treg. It will need to tow my boat which is 3.5 tonne if I empty the fuel tank, water tanks and take out anything loose. Towing capacity limited my chioce but the Treg I thought was the best of the bunch.

Still under 1,000 miles on the clock so not tried towing yet but it is a great car to drive. No regrets
32, but feeling 15 again while i wait for the thing to be delivered !!!!!!
thingofbeauty said:
32, but feeling 15 again while i wait for the thing to be delivered !!!!!!
Welcome sir

Good lad, you will enjoy it when it arrives

I was the same when I collected my first one, from Leeds, just wanted to drive the thing

All sorted after about 2 hours and never looking back, on my second one now and still more than happy with my baby beast

It will not be long before you will be asking for the number for the chipping team


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I'll turn 40 this year Aggggghhh! My other car's a Defender 110 Double Cab which is great for the really muddy weekend stuff, but a real drag for the daily commute.

I chose the Treg because it was different to everything else round here and had all the practicality/safety that I need for the family...
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