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Hi Everyone

New guy hear, jut purchased a 2005 2.5tdi.

It has the basic radio/cd in it and i want to upgrade.

I have seen this unit on Ebay and wondered if it would fit as it is designed for a Golf, I am a little worried as it has "Lugs" on each corner which the Touareg ones do not seem to have. ... 0178725599

If this is no good can anyone make any recomendations?

I have up to ?1,000 to spend and would like the following,

1) Sat Nav
2) OEM looking or at least very neat
3) DVD player - that can send DVD/sound to rear screens for kids
4) Bluetooth
5) Ipod control

Any suggestions most welcome

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I'd spend the first ?300 getting it chipped, ?200 on proper Xenons from hidsdirect, the next ?100 on a TomTom and the last ?400 on some decent tyres, eg Grabber UHPs or A/Ts, to you can actually off-road the thing!

Talk to s4treg about chipping 2.5s - he's the main disciple on here for that!
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