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Hi all - V10 diesel not downshifting

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Hi guys,
I'm a friend of Fiona's from that OTHER board she belongs to across the pond
. I tried a search but haven't found what I'm looking for.

Dad bought a V10 2007 diesel which is pretty much a pink elephant here. No one has them and the mechanics are clueless. He is having a problem with the transmission not downshifting. If he is climbing a hill, he can put the pedal to the floor and nothing...Is it a software upgrade? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

How's Fergus Fi?

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Dad went to the dealer today and of course, he could not duplicate the problem. He asked to speak to a tech. They decided that based upon the symptoms it sounded like the flaps in the turbo that allow the air back into the engine might be malfunctioning. I've read through some of the two stickies above but see mostly tire wear issues and steppers
: Anyone else share this issue. The tech said he would check for service bulletins but he admits he has no real time experience on this vehicle. They have only sold one other V10 diesel and it only has 3000 miles on it.

Thanks in advance.
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Sorry to hear of your Dad's troubles. Your description of the fault doesn't reflect anything I've read on here before. We have "Touareg Techy"
who drops in and gives us pearls of wisdom...hopefully he will spot this and be able to comment.
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Hello L.

Ferrgus is out and fine now.

hopefully someone will be along soon to help.
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Have you tried resetting the gearbox?

couldn't find the post on it maybe someone with better searching skills can locate basically from memory you hold the throttle down for about 10 sec and then start it resets the gearbox driving profile?
just a thought...
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