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I just got a 2004 2.5TDI and need some help with a few questions:

1. How do I find out what kit mine has got fitted? There are a number of things in the manual which I am not sure if my car has or not. For example: Tyre pressure monitor - is it not working or just not fitted?

2. I don't have an iPod connection socket, can this be fitted?

3. Same applys to telephone function.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. I love the car but so many options and gadgets, its a bit of a minefield!


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Go to your local VW dealer and ask for them to print off the build sheets for your car.

Get them to check your car has had all the recalls.

You may have some stickers on the metal beside the spare wheel well, but get it checked.

They will probably also offer a free safety inspection which is well worth having and takes about an hour.
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