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Hello, everyone!

My brother gave me a six cylinder 2004 Touareg as a gift last year. I love the car when it works but to be honest, the number of diagnostic error messages and routine but very costly repairs that have been required in the short time I've owned it have been trying. It's kind of distressing because the car is super-clean for its age, with low miles, and I doubt I've put 500 miles on it since I got it -- but it's already had two dealer repairs and now I am getting "System Fault Workshop" and "Brake Assist" errors and it is stuck in park.

(I know sometimes when it's stuck in park it's a battery issue, but I just put a brand new AAA battery in so that seems unlikely)

Anyhow I live in New Haven, Connecticut. I am unemployed and on Medicaid since COVID so I can't really afford another dealer repair and am hoping to find an independent mechanic with fair prices who knows VWs. A New Haven County location would be ideal, obviously, but up to 100 miles away would work if you really like a particular shop.

Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide!

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Hi brasscupcakes and welcome to

Please remember to provide some details about your vehicle (year and model are a good start) in your signature as it helps the members answer your questions with model specific issues. Your location (in your profile) is useful so that members don't recommend services you can't get to.

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Sounds like you make have the well known issue of bad splices in the loom in the driver's side (for left hand drive cars) door frame at the bottom

This can be a DIY job.
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