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Headlight Removal

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Hi Folks ,

A sidelight bulb has blown and clever old me wants to change it himself... Story so far .. read the " tips amd maintenence booklet 3.4 pages 75 onwards.

Can someone please tell me how the f##k you get the headlight to come out .

I've "Opened" the headlight so its out an inch or so but for the life of me I cant figure out the " insert the socket bit through the bore 4 and use it to depress the sprung panel which keeps the headlight in position "

Where exactly is this spring to release the headlight right out ?

Dont want to go to my dealers just for a bulb change although I'm sure they love the sight of it by now

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Have a look here. Scroll down to the post by DenverBill and the photos in the post underneath
Great thanks very much...
Be very careful... my headlight 'cradle' broke when replacing the unit and so far VW is refusing to cover under warranty. I did absolutely nothing wrong and am furious with my dealer for their "go f*ck yourself" attitude.

So guess what; yup back to the good old days where VW and I don't get on very well....

Not to mention I am STILL waiting for them to re-imburse me for the fine I got from the DVLA for no tax on the old Touareg and I STILL haven't had my Offroad day come through...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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