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Headlight Range Control; it's gonna be expensive!

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My car's in for the recall work.

The "Check Headlight Range Control" has been flashing up when starting the car for the last few weeks, so I had been interested to see what the technician would diagnose.

Anyway; it's going to be 234 quid for an "initial diagnosis". Gulp...
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?234 for diagnostics? Ouch. Lakeside VW told me that inspection / diagnostic work is always ?50 then they'll advise if more work is required - sounds like you might be better finding an independent? I'd heard that each headlight unit (I'm guessing you've got bi-xenons) costs ?1000 - but there may come a point when its cheaper for you to buy a second hand set from a breakers yard or something. Would be interested to hear the outcome of the diagnostic.
Well I've just had the final bill emailed to me; GBP 1,159 for the following:

1. New rear disks and pads
2. New front pads
3. Diagnose & fix Headlight Range Control issue on the bi-xenons.
4. Recall work (Free)

A "sensor" was replaced in order to cure the Headlight Range Control problem. I'll post up more details after I collect the car this afternoon, when I have the part numbers/summary etc from the invoice.

This car is costing me waaaaaaay more to run than the M5 it replaced.
I was charged ?240+vat for the fault diagnosis and replacement of the level sensor. Just hope it doesn't crop up again.

New front and rear pads and rear discs cost ?747+vat.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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