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2006 V8 T-reg. 34K miles. I have delt with this prob for entirely too long. Going back to dealer once again on 6/26/09. Sensors have been replaced 3-4 times, Wire harness replaced 3 times, Harness cleaned every time. Total trips to dealer... 7 TIMES! Same problem. Any ideas to help before I research 'Lemon Law'

Despite this I do love the vehicle and fully intend to get this worked out provding I maintain my sanity.


darrenasmith said:
My touareg has diagnosed a Headlight Range Control Error, however when i took it to Martins they said it was linked to air suspension - -which mine doesnt have and Ridgeway say its a common error on Xenons - which is also disputed by Martins!

anyway, does anyone here know or have they experienced the same. I have had the vehicle undergo full diagnostics at the garage but they cant always get the error to "appear" or locate it after the event on the error log.

any suggestions would be gratefully received.

many thanks
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