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Just ordered 4 Toyo Proxes ST's for my TReg.

Taking off Hankook Ventus 255 55 18 's.

Got about 32,000 miles out of them and their is still about 2000 left in the rears although the fronts are bald at this stage.i dont spare it and I could see someone that drives with manners getting 40,000 miles out of them...........

The hankooks cost me 195 euros plus vat. I didnt ask the price I just charged them to my company so got a land when the bill arrived. The Toyo's I ordered of the internet and will cost me about 105 euros delivered to southern ireland with no vat......
Probably 20 euros a corner to balance and fit but still great value considering Toyo is a performance brand.

Anyone have any opinions on these Toyo Proxes ST's ?????????????????
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