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Got One At Last!

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Well, as I've said elsewhere we have stopped "Dreamin" and bought a used 2.5 auto.
Being a stubborn 'ole mule I really wanted a 3.0TDI but they are still a bit pricey used and we probably wouldn't of got much in the way of extras. As we are also planning to extend the house we didn't want to overstretch the finances only to find some unforeseen extras during the building works.

Anyway, scouring the classifieds we spotted an '03 2.5auto, went and had a look last weekend and loved it. Breaking all my rules about buying the first car viewed we put down a deposit and after getting it checked out, picked it up Thursday night.

My wife and I are chuffed to bits.We've also saved at least 15k
The spec is:

Venetion Green/Beige.
Air suspension.
Nappa with 12way heated seats.
6CD changer.
Oh and a load net thingy that attaches to the headlining.

Incidently, during my checking out of car I rang Lux cars. They were extremely helpful in explaining remaining warranty, change of owner etc.
I asked if they could tell what spec the car was when originally sold at dealer. They did that straight away, listing everything as above.
I also asked if they could tell me what the original selling price was before and after the extras were added. The girl I spoke to (Jessica) told me that sort of info would be in archives (over two years) and would call me back. Here we go I thought, but within 15 minutes she rang back with everything I needed.

We visited the local Dealer today (Wayside Milton Keynes) for some extras for our new baby and were also treated really well.
The place was buzzing. The parts man came out to us in the waiting area (no grotty trade counter there!)and took our order.
Whilst there, the car was booked in under warranty for a creak in the drivers door.
VW are coming to our house (15 miles) dropping off a loan Treg and returning our car when one. this was all planned and suggested by them.
Can't really asked for more than that. we didn't even buy the car from them!

So far our Treg experience has been a great one.
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A. Welcome to the world of Treg Ownership

B. Nice spec - Very nice spec

C. Glad to see you've received good service - It goes without saying that the Treg is not cheap and the for the price, good service should be a given - but when you do get good is just the icing on the cake and it makes the whole experience of owning the best car out there all the more rewarding
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Well done that man! The experience when you get the right dealer can be superb, and you'll love car
Nice choice & spec. Very good to hear the positive comments about the dealer service too...we need more like this.

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Welcome to the club

Nice spec - all the right bits!

Good to hear about the positive dealer attitude - I wonder if their proximity to H.O makes any odds though...

Anyhoo - enjoy, you're sure to love it!
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