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Alexanders are my local garage.

Having said that I have not had to use them yet but from experience of my neighbours who have other VW's they don't appear bad.

I will let you know when I go, hopefully not too soon, 6000 miles to date.

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QUOTE(gigi @ Sep 22 2005, 12:10 AM)hi has anybody had dealings with richard alexanders huddersfield if so what is there servic department like good bad ?

Just ordered a Touareg from there myself - not had the motor serviced yet (as I haven't even picked it up yet!!), but the level of ervice I've had from them so far has been good. ie. always ring me back quickly, or usually take the call.

I've currently got a couple of Audi's from their sister company Alexander Audi (now moved to almost next door to VW!) - I have always had fantastic service from them - Car always fully valeted, pickup and deliver my car, ring me etc. If this is anything to go by, Im hoping they are just as good!

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