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In follow up to a posting I made earlier ...

The other morning I went out to my Treg and discovered a flat tyre. Bummer ...

I managed to fit the spare space saver tyre ... worked well ... no complaints ...

The flat tyre had a lovely shiny screw head visable however it was near the centre of the tyre tread ... Possibly repairable ,,

I rang Gilders, primarily to ask about the space saver spare ... how do you get it back into the boot once it has been inflated??

They assured me, once the valve is removed it returns to the compact shape ... true ... I saw it and was amazed ....

They also told me to come up and they would look at the punctured tyre ..

2 cups of coffee later .... Tyre repaired and refitted, spare deflated and refitted ...

I then ask to settle the bill ....

"you can have this one for free" ...... end of story.

I also had the opportunity to talk to Craig, their Touareg man who knows everything about the car ...

Overall, this experience simply reflects the overall experience I have had with Gilders and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any potential purchaser ...



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I was very impressed with them when looking to buy my Touareg a few years ago

Had a long chat with the techie, got to use a car for a full day

Shame they couldn't beat the finance deal I got from JCT600 in Wakefield

Otherwise I'd have bitten their hands off
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