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Fun with the Treg snow virgin....

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So I have had my Treg now for a month now, 2.5k miles under the belt and every single one an enjoyable one. Then along comes a once in every 5-7 years opportunity to drive it in the 4-6ins of snow that dumped on the country yesterday (8/2/07). So, I asked the trouble and strife where could we go (she's into horses and knows all the off road tracks and bridleways.)

So off we set....down the lanes of mid-wales turning this way and that....take a left here she said....your'e kidding right...? I retorted, a very steep gradient faced us all; powder snow untouched by any other being. So up we went, I could not believe it, expecting to be snaking and struggling over the first few feet let alone the next few hundred yards. The Treg just kept going with little or no effect in normal drive, it was like riding on a duvet of duck feathers.....fantastic.

So onwards we went for another mile or so switched the NAV screen to see how high we were...1600 feet or this point we were in cloud and visibility was low....knowing that there were old fashioned ditches either side of the route, I decided that the Treg had proved itself and looked for a turning point. Arouund we went and then realised that downhill was going to be a little more tricky. So I switched the ESP off (think I read t do this in the manual) and selected low (first time experience for me) and down we went.

OK it was slow progress, but it felt very controllable and hardly any slippage, we passed some farm buildings and the locals could not beleive that someone had just driven up past their abode in such weather, their mouths were open as we waved at them, it could have only been more sureal if I had been wearing my Hawain shirt and shades.

Well there you go wife, I said, you know now where the Treg can go and the limits you can put it too. This drive although short and sweet was exhilirating and got the adrenilin pumping even though at times we were only doing 3mph.....FANTASTIC....I recommend it to all Treg owners so get out there before it melts.

Let's hope it's not another 5 years before I can do it again.

Stupidly, in my excitement, in looking forward to the drive, I forgot to take the camera ! but the Treg 1st snow virging memory is burned into my brain cells forever !

p.s. Massive amounts of brake dust residue on front wheels and not so much on rear is the only significant change to the Treg in 2.5k miles ! and please excuse spelling....

Any other snow experiences ?

Here is a link to a picture, just setting off.... ... ure010.jpg
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Epic description.. great fun enjoy!!!! 8)
Fantastic post....

If only it would snow down here where teh palm trees grow in abundence...
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Great post Clarkyi!

Didn't see much snow yesterday - quite disappointed - but today it started snowing at lunchtime and it's still falling thick and fast at the moment.

Having fitted some new tyres recently I feel a tyre test coming on....
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Brilliant Picture

Just added, looks fab

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Buster said:
Brilliant Picture
I agree.

Now that's what I call snow!!
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