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Facelift T5 - more pics and info 馃憤

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94,000 Eurines for a VW?

And having to use VW dealers who know Jack Shite and care even less?

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VW have lost the plot. As has anyone who spends more than 拢80k on any Treg or VW!
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I'm guessing the 鈧69,200 entry level has to be for a launch edition. Current entry model is 拢58,000. 10k hike for a mild facelift seems a bit bonkers.

I got to be honest I'm sold on the look of the lower spec Elegance. Much subtler and those aero style wheels look ace.. total pain in the arse to clean but they look cool

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Fake grills though.. what's that about!
5 spokes, that's all any alloy wheel should have!
Looking at those wheels more closely, they do only have 5 spokes. There's 5 solid sections made to look like individual spokes..
All I can do is laugh!!!

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