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I am experiencing an on-going problem with my drivers side mirror ? At low and high speeds the offending mirror silently vibrates causing distorted vision. I have also noticed that a slighter vibration occurs (when my vehicle isn?t moving) when playing my factory fitted stereo.

I haven?t been able to ascertain whether it is the actual mirror or the mirror surround that is vibrating.

My dealer has installed some sort of Touareg modification and changed the mirrors motor twice, but the problem still remains.

Can anyone help me put solve this annoying problem, not to mention the safety implications of poor driving vision.

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Have the same problem with the vibration, haven't noticed the distortion though. The dealer I bought vehicle from carried out the modification on the nearside mirror that you mentioned, temporarily cured the vibration but it has now returned some three weeks after modification.

Vehicle going into local dealer in two weeks time for another attempt to rectify.

On my previous Touareg I had a problem with the drivers side mirror in that it would vibrate to the point of humming particularly at speed. I used to open the window and gently nudge it forward and it cured it for the journey but it would return at some future journey.
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