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Ok, not the dirtiest Treg by far, however pretty dirty in my book.

Treg goes on Tuesday, so went OFF ROAD today
- almost got stuck in some shallow mud
, but kept moving very slowly and got myself out


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Mine was in the same state earlier today as we ventured up to Leyburn, North Yorkshire to watch one of my sons play his weekly rugby game.

Couldn't park on the road side so parked with the other landies and shoguns in the muddy field.

SWMBO decided to go and retrieve it (play) at half time and came back with a big smile on her face.

The Treg was absolutely blathered in mud.

Wifey was well impressed with the grip in the mud though and went on to tell everyone in the bar after of her expedition.

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QUOTE(Kaine @ Feb 26 2006, 04:24 PM)Treg goes on Tuesday, so went OFF ROAD today?
? -? almost got stuck in some shallow mud?

Looks like you've got the Pirelli Rossos, like me. Definitely a road-only tyre...
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