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Daytime Lights

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Hi All,

Heard on the news today that all vehicles sold from 2011 will have automatic daytime lights on dipped beam (as Volvo has done for years).

I just wondered how many of you have their Daytime Lighting set to 'ON'?
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I thought the EU were having second thoughts on this after evidence from Austria showed that accidents increased ?!!

Personally, great idea, especially driving a colour (galapogos) that has little contrast against tarmac. I have mine set to on. Get some flashing from other drivers who should spend more time concentrating on their driving - but at least it shows that I have been seen.

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I usually keep mine on especially on motorways, this seems to help with my visibilty in other drivers mirrors as I approach them. I think it must minimise being side swiped as well, especially by left hand drive lorries.

I recently had to take a CBT test for riding a 125cc trials bike on the road, again they recommend that dipped lights are always on and show some horrific videos to re-inforce the message.

Of course its not a very green measure as nusing any electrical vehicle equipment wll use more fuel.

Keep em on thats my vote, I think it's safer, but would like to see the research that proves it's not.

Always have mine on

Makes me happier that people can see you

My thought only

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When I used to ride a motorbike it was always the Volvo driver that gave me the near death experience.
Apparently my dipped headlight and high vis jacket made me invisible.
All new m/cycles have had permanently on dipped headlights for a couple of years now.

interestingly when i re-read the treg manual about the convenience pack recently i noticed that when set to auto it would switch on lights after attaining preset speeds for a number of seconds, eg motorway use.
I work for a large power utility company here in Ireland. We have been promoting the use of "dipped beam" lights on all our company fleet for a number of years. It has been successful in reducing accidents right across the country, and has also reduced our fleet insurance costs. There have also been benefits to our own private car insurance because of the safer driving policy.
i agree its a good thing, although i read in the papers yesterday about an MP who hates the idea

the points he makes are:

Increases MPG and CO2 emmisions (like anyone driving a treg cares)
Increase bulb usage hence enviromental impact again
Costs ?150 extra per year to run
Makes motorbikes more vulnerable as they become less visible in the sea of dipped beams .... (interesting concept...fool)

and some other dribble... not direct quotes but the points he made as i remember.

I did alot of research on this topic a few years ago for a university study and the facts spoke loud and clear, it reduces accidents, the most vulnerable times to drive are the twilight hours just before sunrise and after sunset when people should use lights but dont.
some great respones, thanks guys'n'gals.

I'd say a it's a big thumbs up for daylight lights on then.

I've been lighting up during daylight for nearly a week now. I have noticed that people definitely think twice about pulling out infront of me. This is more so when i'm in the outside lane on motorways. makes you wonder about all those numpties who pull out without looking. Lights on shouldn't have to make a difference. I hard is it to see a monsterous VW madge looming up in their rearview mirrors.
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Does the DRL system switch on the dipped beams with reduced intensity or is itjustthe same as switching on the lights manually?
it's just like switching on the lights manually, but the dashboard lights do not come on.
I've used "running lights" or dipped headlights for over 25 years.

The only accidents I've had are people running into the back of me whilst I'm stationery!
I must be the odd one out as I don't use mine for daylight driving unless road or weather conditions dictate.

I had a Kawasaki ZX9R until fairly recently and always used the headlight during the day for the obvious reason of the number of numpties that would never look properly at junctions and when pulling out for overtakes. If they can't see a motor the size of a Treg bearing down on them, a 2 wheeler has no chance of being seen by them.

IMO driving with lights on will help you to be seen, but not by everyone. I've witnessed plenty of emergency response Police, Paramedic and Fire vehicles, with flashing headlights, flashing strobes and sirens stuck behind drivers totally oblivious to their presence behind them.

Re: Daytime Lights
by jsmills on Sun Mar 02, 2008 8:52 pm

i agree its a good thing, although i read in the papers yesterday about an MP who hates the idea

the points he makes are:

Increases MPG and CO2 emmisions (like anyone driving a treg cares)
Increase bulb usage hence enviromental impact again
Costs ?150 extra per year to run
Makes motorbikes more vulnerable as they become less visible in the sea of dipped beams .... (interesting concept...fool)
I must be missing something in that last point, in busy/heavy traffic a motorcycle with a headlight on stands out somewhat at the moment, however if every vehicle is so lit, the bike disappears again..... Personal experience of surviving 30 years of sports bikes, especially when riding at night or in crappy weather.
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I think people will still see motorbikes - after all that's always the one with the dazzling beam!
[quote name='"s4tregI think that most 'good' drivers switch their lights on whether sidelights or dipped beam well in time' date=' before Twilight or weather condtions matters, i personally think that daytime running lights are for lazy absent, non concentrating drivers.[/quote']

Don't agree with you here, surely using daytime lights is to safeguard against the person in the other car who may be a lazy absent, non concentrating driver. Besides, isn't the use of daytime lights going to be a legal requirement in a couple of years time?
By turning on my daytime lights doesn't mean that I can drive without concideration for others, it's just a way of becoming more visible in someones rear mirror or approaching a junction where vehicles could pull out in front of you. Surely that is proactive safety.
s4treg said:
If you need 2 little 5 Watt sidelight bulbs to make a SUV the size of the VW Touareg vVisable in your rear mirror then you must be blind surely :roll:
Are you saying that you've never been cut-up by another driver, or had someone pull out infront of you.. I agree, as I mentioned in an earlier post on this thread, you'd think that it wouldn't be too hard to see a shiny silver SUV with a glistening, giant size VW badge on the front, but some drivers do not concentrate and have pretty poor peripheral vision.
I can only claim, that since I've been using daytime lights, I have noticed that I get far fewer drivers pulling out infront of me or cutting me up... As I say, it's proactive safety and want me and my family to be as safe as possible.... so what's the matter with that?
Not from my point of view.. It's my decision to increase safety by becoming more visible. As a footnote, the Unlimited team always drive (drove) with daytime lights turned on..... lovely sight seeing a convoy of tregs zipping throught the cotswolds with lights shining brights.
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I guess it is down to personal choice, it is partly defensive driving. Any competent driver will always take as many precautions as possible to avoid accidents and part of this is to ensure that you are visible to other road users. Unfortunately driving is a bit like posting on forums - you have to make accommodation for the lowest common denominator or the least competent users.

Given the number of to**ers on the road who cannot switch on their lights even when visibility is poor ( I guess because they feel that they can still see fine - especially if everyone else has their lights on :wink: ) then the automatically on option seems sensible.

If anyone believes that the auto daylight / lights is for lazy drivers, then I guess automatic gearboxes, auto wash/wipe, auto headlights, auto scanning on the radio, multi cd changers, .... are all for lazy drivers too
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Kaine said:
I am very lazy
Was that an auto post ?
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