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Dash Rattle

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I have had my 2.5tdi since July 05 and although I love it I am bugged by one small problem - The Dash.
The area housing the speedo etc rattles like hell and the slightest bump on the road and drives me to
distraction!!! Even on the motorway I can end up with a constant creaking and rattling.

VW have packed it out once to try and stop it but it has come back with vengance!!

Has anyone else had this issue??

Any other Touareg I have been in has seemed so solid but mine seems to rattle like an old shed!!!

Other than this I love it!!!!
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Yes, had the same problem in that the cowl over the instruments would creak and crack particularly when the car was cold or turned the first corner. The next bump in the road would set off a resonating sound rather than a rattle. It would dissappear when the car had warmed inside or sun heated and expanded the dash.

Dealer took the car back and packed the joint with the dash. This was in February and although I still get the odd creak (but nowhere near as much) first thing on a cold morning it has cured the resonating after effect.
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