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I've written a quick guide for future reference for changing the crank sensor on the V6 TDi.
  • Get the Touareg off the ground either on ramps or a suitable +2.5T lift, as all of the work is undertaken from beneath the car
  • Have a head torch handy
  • For improved access remove the front passenger wheel as this adds access to the sensor
  • Remove the front splash guards and sump/gearbox "bash plate" a couple are hidden up in the front wheel arch liners, I had a combination of cap screws (replacements) Torx bolts and screws
  • Release the two power steering pipes from the subframe and move them slightly to allow you to reach up to the crank sensor. The space is really tight even with the pipes moved
  • The crank sensor is located on the bell housing on the passenger side of the car at 7-8 o'clock when looking from the rear of the car
  • Push and press the grey crank sensor connection to release the clip, this took the longest part and might benefit from a little cleaning spray.
  • I also unbolted the bracket which supports the connector to give me a little more access
  • Using a wobble bar and universal joint I was able to release the 10mm bolt retaining the crank sensor from the bell house, reaching through the wheel arch it is possible to access to the sensor, if easier.
  • Mine was covered in a small number of metal filings which may have explained why it was intermittently faulty
  • I replaced with a genuine Bosch item
This took me a couple of hours to complete of which 30-45 mins was spent attempting to release the connector, I had to watch a video on releasing the grey connector. I found laying on my back difficult at times with out support for my head, it would have been quicker had I'd had access to 2 post lift.
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