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Hi all,

What a week...

The Treg has decided to go crazy, trying to cool the engine down regardless of whether it's hot, actually very impressive how much air it can pump out.

Driving the car the coling fans ramp up to 747 sound level, then if you stop the car the fans slow a bit and remain at a constant for about 10-15 minutes.

Interestingly both the temp and oil guage seem to have given up reading, remaining planted at zero at the same time, so I figure it could be causing the car to think it's overheating..?

Called out AA late last night and couldn't fathom it, also the jobbie outlet for the VAG com had no power. Very nice man from the AA thinks it could be the ECU playing silly buggers, but anyone else experienced this, or any pointers.

Basically looks like a trip to the VW shop, but thought I'd check. For info, AA were out in 20 minutes, but the service from VW assist has been so much better (Technical experience with VeeDubs), I think they will draw back an old customer.

Also is ECU replacement/remedy a costly job...? (if it is even this, could just be a sensor..?!)


Might be worth checking the fuse listing to see if both gauges come off the same one. AA or VW may have done this of course.

You could also stop the fans by pulling the fuse/tripping the relay(s)

HTH a bit............good luck

Cheers, Andy

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I would suspect temperature senders.

'Ow bist?
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Hipflyguy said:
At VW this morning and car is A-okay again.... typical....
Oh, God, don't you hate it when that happens!

Btw, you'll see from below that I have owned two Freelanders (you'd think I wouldn't have fallen for it the second time - what an ass: eeyore, eeyore). You'll also see that I've had five engines in those two Freelanders. So, when I saw your post about cooling fan going crazy I had flashbacks to 'Nam.

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