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Cooks Vw Peterborough

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Overall a fantastic customer-centred buying and ownership experience from this dealership.
Bought my V10 new in September 2003 - now covered 76,000 miles. Have had the usual problems - well documented in this forum - but all sorted under warranty without any argument, undue inconvenience or VOR. With only one exception I have always been given a Touareg or Phaeton courtesy car, and given direct access to the head Treg/Phaeton mechanic - always courteous, always helpful....well done Ash.
At last major service I was even given (yep that's right FOC) a used 19" Atheo wheel 'out of the backroom' as one of mine had a cracked rim (iffy to fix apparently) - I had been quoted ?499.12 + VAT by the parts dept for a new one!!
Now into my 4th year of Treg ownership having taken out a warranty with Warranty Direct (not used yet...touch wood) and my only problem is what could I change it for?
Based on my experience I highly recommend this dealership.
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davidcolman said:
Based on my experience I highly recommend this dealership.
Hi David,
Wife and I support your comments completely, I have told numerous mates that if they are in the market for a 4x4 they couldn't do much better than chatting to Graham at Cooks about Tregs ( I know he reads this site after I pointed it out to him).
Also support you comments about the engineers around the back. The Wife's Treg is just over a year old and apart from initial tyre wear on th front outers (sorted at 2k with a free re alignment, the tyres are just approaching TWI at 18K) and an oil weep from the oil cooler pipe together with the sagging seat mod we have no complaints and to think I wanted her to buy a Range Rover Sport I can just imagine how many times we would of had to visit Marshalls for warranty issues.

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