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Hello all.

I am considering bigger wheels for my 06 3.0 V6 treg. I currently have the tiny 17". I am thinking about at least 20". A few questions...

1) Is it just a case of the new wheels will have lower profile tyres, so the overall height is the same? What about if I stuck 22" on? Surely this is going to make the speedo wrong etc? How do you get this adjusted?

2) Will bigger wheels mean better handling? What about fuel economy? Would it make it better or worse?

3) My treg doesn't have the adjustable ride height, should I lower it?

4) Anything else I need to consider?

5) Any suggestions on make/models and any pics? My treg is metallic silver (I was considering black wheels, should I?)!!!

Sorry if they are dopey questions, but I have never purchased a set of wheels before!!!

Thanks and all comments/ideas welcome!

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You need this:

Or this:

And 17 inch wheels need not be small either!

IMHO black wheels look great with many colours especially silver.

Generally the bigger you go the more expensive the tyres as the profile decreases.

See what I mean by pricing tyres here:

And the bigger the wheel with lower profiles impacts - literally - ride comfort.

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And I'm obviously new to Tregging but won't one also suffer from 'Tramlining' with the wider footprint tyres? It's a right pain in the Ar$e especially on motorways, etc..

I remember it from my car modding days.. Ahh, memories of my Nissan GtiR!!
The lesson I learned was that whenever I was doing a track day, etc.. I used to swap back to a set of minilites or standard smaller alloys for handling, etc.

Larger rims look great but in my experience bring compromise..

The tyres on my standard 18" Sport rims on my new Treg neeed changing when I recently bought it and I considered a set of bigger rims along with tyres an option but just stuck a set of Grabbers on the standard (and pretty good looking anyway) rims.

However, when I was looking at Tregs (and I looked at so many online), whenever we saw one with the smaller 17 ones both myself and my wife would say.. "gotta change those wheels". All down to personal choice..

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Personally, I wouldn't go bigger than 19 or 20" max. Trade off is harsher ride and reduced off road capability if you go higher. Noithing like looking a right [email protected] if you get stuck on the slippery stuff in a 4X4.

As for lowering - you must be having a laugh !!! Big no, no.

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