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Colbornes Guilford - Simon Maynard

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Collected my new car from Colborne's this morning.

Arrived there at 09.00hr to be greeted by name and offered refreshments from Simon Maynard, the chap who has managed the ordering and purchase of my new vehicle.

This was an excellent start and it just got better and better...

Hand-over was slick and efficient, with real attention to detail, and done with utter professionalism. One of the things I really like about dealing with Colbornes is the professional yet informal approach; there is a natural enthusiasm for the vehicles they sell and this is evident in the way they manage customer service - 10/10 !!

Simon explained everything I needed to know about the vehicle and I felt confident driving away in the knowledge I am now dealing with someone who really knows how to manage the sale of luxury cars, and the standard of customer service expected.
From the 1st test-drive, through the ordering process, to driving away ths morning, I have been kept informed of the progress and various stages of delivery, and I am very pleased with all aspects of my dealings with Colbornes.

The Touareg was beautifully polished and presented with everything in place, including the Sat Nav DVD, and the mini-torch - just as it should be!

Well done to Simon Maynard and his colleagues at Colbornes.
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Glad to hear dealers getting it right !!!
they are a brillant dealership, they keep you informed about everything about whats happening with your car i just cant wait to collect mine from them. i say we have bought many a bmw & the service has not been this good & the funny thing is i have not even collected ours.

keep up the good work guys
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