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Chrome around back windows

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Hi there, I'm a newby, and just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing the problem I'm having...

Basically the chrome around the 2 back windows (boot) are going discoloured. In fact I have had them replaced once already by VW on warranty. Just seems very strange that they are discolouring again so this rate I'll need to book my Treg in every month to have them replaced.

Also the roof strips have also been replaced as these were also discolouring....!!

Any one else.........???

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sorry no, mine has no chrome....(base 2.5) however have seen an XC90 suffer for the chrome trim discoloring cam from garage washing it and then the cleaning agent they used seemed to when drying in the sun cause some reaction wierd but could be something like that?
Hi Guy's,

I have just done a search on the forum with the Keyword Chrome and found this thread. The reason is I have noticed exactly the same.

The chrome appears to get a very faded effect, in essence - it turns cloudy.

I have to agree with one of the comments that it is the cleaning material the car wash sprays onto the car and doesn't get wiped off properly. It is only the fact that I am exchanging the car in a couple of weeks that I am not more upset however I certainly will not be going back with the new one.

With regards to the chrome itself - Would normal chrome cleaner work on the trim even though it is not proper chromed metal or would the cream be too abrasive?

What are peoples recommendations for keeping it looking good?

Many thanks

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