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Cayenne GTS

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I had a drive of the Tregs ugly sister last week- amazing.

I had a invite from my local Porsche dealer to attend an event where they let you out on the road with one of the Porsche professional racing driver (they drive for 20 minutes then you get 30 minutes).

I have never liked the look of the Cayenne but the car looks much better with the 21 inch wheels and GTS body kit (but it still looks like it was beaten with the ugly stick..) but it drives amazingly well.
When cornering it felt like driving a small GTi, except it was extremely quick- with 0-62 in 6.5 seconds and a top speed I got no where near.
One great feature is the sport button- which when pressed makes the throttle more responsive and opens a valve in the exhaust system so the noise makes your hair stand on end.

I must say I was impressed- when I got home I mentioned suggested to my good-lady about trading my Jag and Treg for one (I tried to convince her that the one car would be cheaper to run than two)- but she is not having any of it.

Perhaps I can tempt her with an R50 when it comes out (once I win the lottery).

Regards Cas
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I would have one - I've always like the Cayenne myself
Kaine said:
I would have one - I've always like the Cayenne myself
I second the motion......!!

Why do you think I plumped for the V8 - even if our cars are twins Cas, mine's that little more porker-esque under the hood....

Champagne tastes... . Beer money... (cheap beer at that...)
I must admit that when the Cayenne was launched I hated the look of it- but with the recent re-mod and then the the GTS body kit/wheels it looks mean (definitely not pretty..) and the V8 engine is excellent.

I just have not managed to convince her-in-doors that we need a new car..

Get your Treg re-mapped (HLM Tuning in Bromsgrove are doing a great special offer) and you'll experience a bit more ooomph. OK so it may not be Cayenne oomph but it's certainly noticeable.
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