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Whilst visiting family in Cornwall over the weekend the Treg started showing 'Workshop - Transmission Fault' at start-up first thing in the morning. When you stopped the car and re-started everything was fine.

Dropped into Carrs of Indian Queens who have recently taken on the Touareg, on a bank holiday weekend Saturday. Needless to say, I wasn't anticipating much help. However was told by the very efficient service receptionist that I might have to wait 30 minutes for a technician to have a look as they were booked solid.

Ten minutes later my car disappeared into the workshop whilst I was plied with coffee. An hour later the Treg returned, washed, with a smile to say that all was fixed. Just a simple software update cured the display.

I couldn't praise the service highly enough, they were not the supplying dealer but treated me better than I could have hoped for.


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alex does the valeting in carrs is a top guy, every time i've dropped my van in it's come back washed and waxed, they have been very helpful in there, was a shame i could not buy my treg from them, the ex demo they have is a tad over priced (even said so them selves) but they have been top notch for everything
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